Who does not love getting free spins? If you enjoy playing slots online or just starting to learn the game, getting free spins is almost like hitting the jackpot but with the lesser prize value. But no matter what, free spins are free spins and who knows those free spins can bring you good luck. So here are few lists on how you can get yourself free spins.

Online Casino Bonus

Some online casinos are giving away free spins during sign-up, and this is a viral promotion among casinos. This is to draw more new players to try their luck in this game of chance. Free spins give the players a chance to win real money with having to deposit. Smart casino players grab this kind of promotion to start their bankroll and make it grow bigger from there especially if luck is on your side.

To be able to claim this free spin offer, you must sign-up to online casinos that are offering this kind of promotion. However, do not be taken aback if they require to ask for your bank information. Some online casinos still need you to make an initial deposit before they reward you with your free spins. While there are those that will allow you to skip filling out your bank information and give your free spins instantly, always remember to read the “Terms & Conditions” of the sites and make sure to pay more attention to the fine print.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free Spins bonuses come in various schemes, but the three most popular is the free spins deposit bonus, free spin no deposit bonus and the deposit bonus plus free spins.

In Free Spins Deposit Bonus, free spins are tied up with deposit bonus, but usually, they come with more significant betting requirements. So, for you to enjoy your slot game experience, make sure that what you are getting into is worth it.

On the other hand, Free Spins No Deposit Bonus is the more popular between the three because the player does not have to make an initial deposit to be able to play online slots. The free spins are given for free especially to the new players. The drawback comes when you have to withdraw your winnings. You are prohibited from making withdrawals if you have not made an initial deposit. But there are online casinos that are true to their words. Without any string attached, you can play slots and withdraw your winnings even without making any deposits.

Meanwhile, deposit bonus plus free spins are being offered by some online casinos to charm slot players. In here, players have to deposit upon signing up. Some casinos are providing 100% of the initial deposit as a bonus together with free spins.


Free spins bonuses are not only intended for the new players but also to the active members of the casino. Some casinos like We are Gamblers offer this kind of promotion every once in a while, that is why you should track the time of the year when free spins are being given away so that you will not miss your chance of getting them.